“Wearing Away the Stone: Assessing Theories of Combat Attrition,” Comparative Strategy, (forthcoming, winter 2013).
Clark - Wearing Away the Stone.docx
Microsoft Word Document 344.4 KB
“Beware the Iron Grip?: Exploring the Relationship Between Leader Endurance, Political Sclerosis, and National Poverty” (draft). (Book chapter, forthcoming, summer 2012).
Clark - Uganda - Sclerotic Leadership -
Microsoft Word Document 841.1 KB
“Wanted, Theories of Victory,” SITREP – The Journal of Opinion of the Royal Canadian Military Institute. (March-April 2012, Vol 72, No. 2).
Clark - SITREP - Wanted, Theories of Vic
Text Document 41.6 KB
“In the Dreadnought’s Shadow: Comparing China’s Rise with the Anglo-German Naval Arms Race.” Canadian Naval Review. (Fall 2011).
In the Dreadnought’s Shadow.docx
Microsoft Word Document 218.2 KB
“To Whom Go the Spoils? Explaining 4,000 Years of Battlefield Victory and Defeat.” PhD Dissertation. August, 2011. See also accompanying dissertation slides.
Clark, Sean, Phd,POLI, October 2011.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 15.6 MB
“To Whom Go the Spoils? Explaining 4,000 Years of Battlefield Victory and Defeat.” PhD Dissertation Slides. August, 2011.
Clark - Dissertation Presentation Slides
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 36.5 MB
“A Matter of Preference: Preference Ordering, Red Teaming, & the Need for Cultural Awareness.” Paper commissioned by the project on Red Teaming, Red Cells and Analytical Decision Support, part of the Centre for Security, Armed Forces and Society (CSAS) of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). (March, 2011).
A Matter of Preference.docx
Microsoft Word Document 191.9 KB
“Deadly Decay: Examining the Relationship Between Relative Great Power Decline & Cataclysmic War,” International Journal, 65 (Spring 2010): 475-94.
Deadly Decay - Jan '09.doc
Microsoft Word Document 197.0 KB
“The New Geopolitics,” in Sabrina Hoque (ed), Geopolitics vs. Global Governance: Reinterpreting International Security, (Halifax: Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 2010).
Written Discussion Comments – ‘Geopoliti
Microsoft Word Document 41.0 KB
“Revealing Clio’s Secrets: The Case for Macromeasurement,” The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, (Volume 4, Issue 8: 2009), p.101-114.
Clark - Revealing Clios Secrets_final -
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB
“Future Imperfect? The Prospects for Convergence, Divergence, and Empire’s Return.” Published in David S. McDonough (ed), US Nuclear Strategy and The Implications for Global Security, (Halifax: Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 2009).
Response to Ross - Paper.doc
Microsoft Word Document 114.5 KB
“The Morning After: Canada and the Post-Afghanistan World,” Canadian Naval Review, Volume 4, Number 3 (Fall 2008).
Adobe Acrobat Document 11.5 MB
“Maritime Strategy for the 21st Century,” Frontline, Volume 5, Issue 4, 2008.
C. MSC Synopsis.doc
Microsoft Word Document 26.0 KB
“Afghanistan and the Paradox of Moral Imperialism.” Published in Anita Singh and David S. McDonough (eds), From Defence to Development: Resolving Threats to Global Security, (Halifax: Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 2007).
Afghan Research Paper (26 Pages).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 848.1 KB
“Determining Trajectory: Defining the Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Debate.” Journal of Military and Strategic Studies. Fall 2003 (Vol. 6, Issue 2).
Published Version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 223.6 KB


Communications History Dataset.xlsx: includes speed, range, cost, & scope of muscle-powered couriers, optical and electrical telegraphs, wireless telephony, and internet.
Communications History Dataset2.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 172.6 KB
Leaderless Revolutions Stat Appendix.xlsx: includes ICT connectivity & political unrest for Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and the United States.
Leaderless Revolutions Stat Appendix.xls
Microsoft Excel Table 158.9 KB
Africa Leadership Project Dataset.xlsx: includes leader length, corruption scores, and government performance (2012).
Clark - Africa Leadership Project Datase
Microsoft Excel Table 534.1 KB
Uganda Project Dataset.xls: includes historical data on Uganda’s GDP, income growth, poverty rates, social spending, and government performance (2012).
Clark - Uganda Project Dataset.xls
Microsoft Excel Table 1.0 MB
Dissertation dataset.xlsb: TO WHOM GO THE SPOILS?: EXPLAINING 4,000 YEARS OF BATTLEFIELD VICTORY & DEFEAT. Includes data on force strength, posture, casualties, and battle outcomes for 754 battles, spanning Megiddo (1469 BC) to Wanat (2008) [2011].
War Data
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 572.7 KB
Anglo-German Rivalry.xlsx: Prewar British and German GDP and per capita GDP growth (based on Angus Maddison) (2011).
Anglo-German Rivalry.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 60.9 KB

Conference Papers

“Twitter At the Gates: Social Media, Leadership, & Revolutionary Theory” (draft). International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention. San Diego, 2012. See also the accompanying presentation slides.
Twitter Revolutions- ISA draft.docx
Microsoft Word Document 643.5 KB
“Twitter At the Gates: Social Media, Leadership, & Revolutionary Theory” (draft). International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention Dissertation Slides. San Diego, 2012.
Hoque & Clark - Twitter Leadership Prese
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1'010.4 KB
“Colossus Returns: Chinese Growth and 21st Century Resource Demand.” ‘Biennial New Scholars Conference.’ November, 2009. Ottawa, Ontario.
New Scholars Conf - Clark - Dec 11.doc.z
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 224.8 KB
“To Whom Go the Spoils? Exploring 4,000 Years of Victory & Defeat.” Presented at the 4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. July 2009. Athens, Greece.
Greece 6.doc
Microsoft Word Document 1.3 MB
“A Re-Orientation: The Return of the Asian Powers.” Presented at the 7th Annual REGIS Graduate Student Conference. April, 2009. Montreal, QC.
REGIS Paper VII.doc
Microsoft Word Document 807.0 KB

Course Documents

1. Intro to Poli Sci.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 324.5 KB
2. Contending Approaches.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 309.5 KB
3a. Methodology2.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.5 MB
4. Liberalism & Conservatism2.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 177.8 KB
5. Socialism.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 336.0 KB
6. Fascism3.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 157.5 KB
7. Feminism & Ecopolitics.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 167.8 KB
8. The State.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 158.6 KB
9. Branches of Government.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 172.5 KB
10. Federalism & Federations.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 151.6 KB
11. Political Parties & Electoral Systems
11. Political Parties & Electoral System
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 183.6 KB
12. State-Society Relations
12. State-Society Relations.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1'015.0 KB
13. Democracy & Democratization
13. Democracy & Democratization.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 172.3 KB
14. Globalization
14. Globalization.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 348.0 KB
15. Nations & Nationalism
15. Nations & Nationalism.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 290.0 KB
16. Religion & Politics
16. Religion & Politics.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 993.5 KB
17. Citizenship & Political Community
17. Citizenship & Political Community.pp
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 282.0 KB
18. Wrap-up & Review
18. Final Exam Review.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 347.5 KB
War, Peace, & Technology Syllabus - Summ
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 168.8 KB
Pol 2224 Review Slides
Review Powerpoints.ppt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 689.5 KB

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