Useful Websites

International Relations Websites

Statistical Databases

Online, well-regarded sources of statistics and information.


OECD Home 

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Home to a large research arm.


World Bank Data & Research

World Development Indicators are particularly useful (available through library's database collection).

UNCTAD Statistics

Trade and development data from the UN.



Arms and conflict research.


Comparative Politics Websites

General Comparative Politics Links


CIA World Factbook


The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources


Area studies


Inter-Parliamentary Union

Parliamentary democracy site.


World Bank

Leading source of development indicators.


'Comparative Politics'

Home of 'Comparative Politics' journal.


Journal of Democracy


Library of Congress Country Studies

Somewhat dated, but extremely trustworthy country database.


Comparative Politics Resources

University of Colorado


Elections, parties, government institutions, media, etc.


Amnesty International

Leading international human rights organization.



Political Parties 


Manuel Alvarez-Rivera's Election Resources on the Internet


Database of Parties and Elections about parliamentary elections, parties, and political leaders in Europe.


Political partie & Party Systems around the world


EPIC Project, including info on parties & party systems.


Website of the Political Database of the Americas


Lijphart Election Archive: includes info on parties, party systems, & election results.



The UK 


British Prime Minister

10 Downing




Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Conflict Archive on the Internet

Conflict & politics in Northern Ireland, 1968-present.


Scottish Parliament


Welsh Assembly


Constitutional Reform

London University page on constitutional reform.


British Broadcasting Corporation

Leading source of British & international news.


British Politics Groups

A nonpartisan research organization interested in improving the development, communication, and dissemination of knowledge about British politics.



The US



US legislative resources.



The US government's official web portal.


Library of Congress

World's largest library.


National Archives



Non-partisan site.





Japanese Constitution


Japanese PM & Cabinet


Japanese Statistical Data

Site affiliated with Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


National Diet of Japan

Less Atkins, more parliament.


European Union


EU Institutions


European Commission


Council of the European Union


European Court of Justice


European Central Bank


Statistical Office of the EU (Eurostat)

Eurobarometer Public Opinion Polls


Commission's Legislative Tracking Website 



EU Observer




European Voice: weekly newspaper on the EU.


Domestic Structures & European Integration Project (DOSEI)


European Parliament Research Group (EPRG)




Russian & East European Network & Information Center


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Russian & EurAsian Program


'Russia Daily Journal'



Russian Public Opinion Research Center


'Transitions Online'

Coverage of the post-communist region.


Mikhail Gorbachev's Website

An exercise in vanity, but interesting nonetheless.



English version


The Council of Federation

English version.



Russian pro-democracy party.


Open Society Institute

George Soros funded pro-democracy network.




Assemblee nationale

French parliament.


Prime Minister's Portal

English Version.


President's Portal

French version.


Constitutional Council

French version, but there is a link to English text.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Le Monde Diplomatique

English version of France's leading foreign affairs newspaper.


General Political Resources

Information on national, regional, and local governments.





China's Political System

Official government site describing the political structure, fundamental laws, rules, regulations, and practices of China since its founding.


A Country Study: China

US Library of Congress' 'Country Study Series' presents a description and analysis of the historical setting, as well as the social, economic, political, and national security systems of China.


China General Information Base

Unofficial site offering useful general information.





Government of India Directory

GOI Directory of Indian government Web sites.


Indian Parliament


'The Times of India'

Leading newspaper.


Government & Politics of South Asia

South and Southeast Asian Studies, Columbia University Libraries.


India Democracy

A non-profit, pro-democracy site facilitating communication between citizens and elected representatives.



A popular weekly news magazine




Web Site of Ayatollah Khamenei

Web site of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran


Middle East Economic Survey


Islamic Republic News Agency

English version.


'Iran Daily'


Middle East Network Information Center

University of Texas, Austin site.





Mexican Government 

Offices and agencies.


Latin America Network Information Center: Mexico

Encyclopedic collection of links maintained by the University of Texas, Austin.


Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Spanish site, with Marcos front and centre.


'La Jornada'

A leading daily. Spanish version.


'El Universal'

A leading daily. English version.



A leading Mexican daily. Spanish version.





Articles on Brazilian politics and current events.



Excellent source of online date, provided by the Instituto Universitario de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro.


Latin American Network Information Center: Brazil

Encyclopedic collection of links maintained by the University of Texas, Austin.


Landless Workers Movement

Portuguese version.


The Worker's Party

Portuguese version.



Links to major Brazilian periodicals.


South Africa 

African Studies Internet Resources: South Africa

Columbia University Libraries.


South African Government


Truth and Reconciliation Report


African National Congress


The Democratic Alliance


Inkatha Freedom Party


Institute for Democracy in South Africa


Overview of Soweto Township





Nigeria Direct

Official Government Gateway


Niger Delta Development Commission


African Studies Internet Resources: Nigeria

Columbia University Libraries.


'The Guardian' (Nigeria)

Daily newspaper.



UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


Economic & Financial Crimes Commission




Political Parties & Interest Groups


Political Parties


Site with political parties links and resources.


Campaign Finance Institute

Data on US campaign finance.


Electoral Systems

Somewhat dated, but thorough survey of the world's various electoral systems by the Parliamentary Information and Research Service.



International Foundation for Election Systems.


International IDEA Database

Database of electoral system design, finance laws, voter turnout, etc.





Wilfried Derksen's Electionworld Electoral Web Sites

Data now subsumed as part of a wiki-project.


Lijphart's Election Archive

Collection of electoral results.


Political Resources on the Net.  Provides links to a number of useful datasets for use in comparative politics.


Parties and Elections in Europe


Freedom House


Political Handbook of the World: key infomration on national states regarding politics, economics, and demography.



Two datasets on parties, party government, and political institutions, as well as data on population, welafare politics, and trade unions.  One set is set on Western Europe, the other on Central and Eastern European countries.  Suitable for pooled time series analysis.


Comparative Welfare States Dataset: useful for comparing the perfomrance of welfare state policies.


Dataset alson on the welfare state, but focuses on 'entitlements' of citizens in relation to welfare programmes.

OECD statistics on the economy, infrastructure, and social expenditures of most developed nation-states and Central and Eastern Europe.


Eurostat: aggregated statistical and individual level survey data on EU and member-states.

Deals with website of Charles Ragin, and gives access to the software to conduct Boolean analysis.


Economst Intelligence Country: country-specific reports.



Political Science Education, Jobs, & Internships

Nelson's Political Science & Education Site

Survey of scholarship, job, and school portals.


CIDA Youthzone

Youth agencies receiving CIDA funding.


Youth Employment Strategy

List of Government of Canada programs.


List of CIDA Internships

Summary of previous and current CIDA-sponsored internships (with various organizations).


APSA Student Support Centre

American Political Science Association's student help hub.


Parliamentary Guides (Summer)

The Canadian federal government requires bilingual university students to serve as parliamentary interns.


International Student Exchanges

Dalhousie organizes international academic exchanges. Due January 30th.




Writing Guides


Internet Citation Guide

Simon Fraser's internet citation guide.


Essay Writing Guide

Simon Fraser's guide to essay writing.


Political Futures Trading


Iowa Exchange Market

University of Iowa's Political Futures Exchange.


Newsfutures Prediction Markets

A political futures exchange site (where people bet on the likelihood of political events).


School Rankings

These rankings are entirely subjective and extremely controversial, but they are fun to at least take a gander through.


Newsweek Global 100 Ranking


US News & World Report US College Rankings


Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Top 500 University List


Times Higher Education Supplement - University Rankings

The full list is behind a tariff wall, but you can google old pdfs.