Africa Politics Dataset.xlsx: includes leadership, political competitiveness, economic performance, and communications technology diffusion data.  Also available as a Stata .dta file.


Communications History Dataset.xlsx: includes speed, range, cost, & scope of muscle-powered couriers, optical and electrical telegraphs, wireless telephony, and internet.


Leaderless Revolutions Stat Appendix.xlsx: includes ICT connectivity & political unrest for Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and the United States.


Africa Leadership Project Dataset.xlsx: includes leader length, corruption scores, and government performance (2012).


Uganda Project Dataset.xls: includes historical data on Uganda’s GDP, income growth, poverty rates, social spending, and government performance (2012).


Dissertation dataset.xlsb:  TO WHOM GO THE SPOILS?: EXPLAINING 4,000 YEARS OF BATTLEFIELD VICTORY & DEFEAT.  Includes data on force strength, posture, casualties, and battle outcomes for 754 battles, spanning Megiddo (1469 BC) to Wanat (2008)  [2011]. 


Anglo-German Rivalry.xlsx: Prewar British and German GDP and per capita GDP growth (based on Angus Maddison)  (2011).


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