POL 2520 -- Intro to World Politics


“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” John Adams


“I would rather understand a single cause than be king of Persia.” Democritus of Abder



There are fundamental forces at work every day in the international system, movements that have a tremendous impact on our daily lives.  Security and trade deeply affect issues ranging from military expenditures to third world development.  Unfortunately, public knowledge of these matters remains minimal.  A sophisticated understanding of these complex issues is often limited by ignorance of the work performed by professional scholars.  All too frequently, influential commentators offer untempered opinions, visceral statements that reflect little grounding in the academic literature.  Critically, the public is often too ill-informed to reject such claims.  POLI 2520 aims to rectify this predicament by providing a thorough overview of the knowledge and understanding that the field of international relations (IR) has accumulated by the early 21st Century.


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