5.11 Bail-Out Bag as Diaper Bag

I’ve said this elsewhere, but the The 5.11 bail-out bag is the best diaper bag around.

Set aside the tactical stylishness; the bag is unbeatably practical. The fact it is a) small enough to constrain the amount of baby gear you can bring—but also large enough to bring all the thingsyou *need*, and b) builtfor clear organization and quick access (there’s similarity in the amount of urgency accompanying the need for magazines and a burp cloth) put it head-and-shoulders over anyof the purpose-builddesigns I’ve come across.

Not your typical every day carry (EDC), but my rig looks like this:
I try to sort as much of this by ziplock and keep everything in its correct compartment.  

The gear includes:

  • Formula container 
  • Snack Tupperware
  • Ziplock with a change of clothes (toque, mitts, socks, bib, face cloth, onesie, pyjamas, socks, toothbrush, spoon)
  • Ziplock for diaper kit (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, zincofax, and poop bags)
  • Water bottle for the formula 
  • Burp cloth in a magazine pocket (need the fast access!)
  • Ziplock with 4 diapers (3 regular and 1 swim) in a magazine pocket
  • Milk bottle in a magazine pocket
  • Ziplock with soother, ring toy, and crinkle book
  • Ziplock for sun screen and bug lotion
  • Ziplock for meds (baby Tylenol, bandaids, gravol, polysporin, and tums and Tylenol for you)
  • Wipe bag

There’s really no upside for lugging a massive bag around; all you do is get stuff lost in there and thrash around when there’s an (typically poop- or barf-related) emergency. Better to keep things simple.

Here’s there’s even enough room for a snack container. You can also attach a water bottle to the bag via carabiner, if you’re going out for long and need extra water or milk.

In short, this bag will get you a full day’s travel, then a change of clothes and prep for bed in case your kiddo crashes for the night. 

Bag available at https://www.511tactical.com/bail-out-bag.html

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