Ligretto Calculator

Another Christmas holiday, another round of board games with the family. This time we broke out a jury-rigged version of Ligretto (built out of spare packs of marked playing cards). The game is great for big groups, provided you have plenty of space and a willingness to bang elbows. 

Ligretto includes big scores and multiple rounds—we play until a player hits 100 points, and with 7 or 8 players that can take 10 or more rounds. Once again a calculator comes in handy, so I’ve put together one in Mac Numbers to keep track of the ranked results. 

You can download a copy here:
The product looks like this:

All you need to do is drop in the points awarded in each round into the game results tables below. The spreadsheet does the rest, maintaining a running total in the summary table at the top. You’ll be able to keep track of the hose race from there. 


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